Best of Late Night: Trevor Noah Is Cautiously Optimistic About Trump’s Talks With Kim


Trevor Noah begrudgingly gave President Trump credit for opening up a line of communication with North Korea’s leader. Credit Comedy Central

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Forgetting Why They Were Fighting

President Trump is moving forward with his plan to meet with North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un. Trevor Noah said he didn’t quite know what to make of the news — but he was willing to give Trump credit for diplomacy.

“I know our first instinct is to hate, and it’s also weird that Trump makes it all about himself, but Trump is right: If it wasn’t for his craziness, North Korea would have never come to the table. That’s what he did. Trump is like the near-death experience that makes people forget about why they were fighting in the first place.” — TREVOR NOAH

Video by The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

The C.I.A. director, Mike Pompeo, went to North Korea earlier this month, but news of the visit didn’t emerge until weeks later.

“I can’t believe Trump kept something this big secret! How did he do it? I mean, the only possible explanation is that Michael Cohen paid him $130,000 to stay quiet about it.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

Samantha Bee Takes on Sean Hannity

Video by Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee thought this week was the right time for a “Full Frontal” attack on Sean Hannity. Bee gave a rundown of the recent revelation that Hannity had been a client of Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Then she decided to use some of what she called Hannity’s own dishonest reporting techniques against him: She did an elaborate segment accusing him (sarcastically) of being a serial killer.

“His whole show is just an hourlong list of lies and conspiracy theories, but people think it’s news because he doesn’t sweat as much as Alex Jones, and because he’s on a channel that calls itself ‘News.’” — SAMANTHA BEE

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