Cardinals to start QB Gabbert vs. Texans

Blaine Gabbert will start at quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals this week against the Houston Texans on Sunday, coach Bruce Arians said Friday.

Drew Stanton, who has a sprained knee, will be Gabbert’s backup if he is physically able to do so, Arians said. If Stanton isn’t ready, Matt Barkley will back up Gabbert.

Barkley signed with the team earlier this week.

Since Carson Palmer went down with a broken arm in Week 7, Gabbert has been taking first-team snaps as Arizona’s backup to Stanton. But those have increased this week, Arians said.

Gabbert’s last start came, coincidentally, against the Cardinals on Oct. 6, 2016, in Week 5 last season.

Arians thinks, as long as the Cardinals can keep the Gabbert “in his comfort zone” he should be OK against the Texans.

“He can spin it as good as anybody I’ve ever had,” Arians said earlier this week. “Don’t overload him with things he has to think about for this week because they’re such a good pressure team. Let him know his protections are sound. Keep him in his comfort zone because he can spin the ball. As long as we’re getting open, we’ve got to catch it.”

Gabbert will be playing for his seventh coach and seventh offensive coordinator in his seventh scheme since getting drafted 10th overall in 2011 out of Missouri.

ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss contributed to this report.

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