Drug dealer’s ‘boy’s toys’ to be auctioned

A replica Del Boy Reliant Robin car with three wheels. The yellow car has the trademark 'Trotters Independent Trading Co' logo on the side.
Image caption A ‘lovely jubbly’ replica Del Boy would be proud of

A life-sized Willy Wonka, a Terminator, and a gremlin – all previously owned by a drug dealer in England – are among the movie memorabilia being auctioned off in County Antrim on Thursday.

Thousands of pounds worth of silver screen collectables were seized by police in Wiltshire.

It followed a raid on a nuclear bunker which housed a giant cannabis farm.

Martin Fillery, from Bridgwater, was jailed for eight years in August for conspiracy to produce class-B drugs.

He had turned a nuclear bunker in Wiltshire into a drugs factory capable of producing £2m worth of cannabis a year, police said.

The 46-year-old was also a film fan and a keen collector of “boy’s toys”, including a Star Wars stormtrooper, Batman’s speedboat, and the car driven by Biff in the film Back to the Future.

But when Fillery pleaded guilty to money laundering, his assets became subject to the proceeds of crime legislation.

That means they were seized and are currently housed at a Wilsons Auctions in Mallusk. The firm holds government auctions every month.

Image caption There is nothing comical about this four-seater replica Batboat
Image caption Or perhaps a Batbike is more your thing?
Image caption Feel those G-forces!

More than 150 items are up for auction, from a six-foot Iron Man and a range of arcade games including Pac Man to a replica of Roland the Rat’s car.

Auctioneer Aidan Larkin said the lots, including a Mini-Me from the Austin Powers films, have attracted worldwide interest.

Image caption Aliens make an appearance ahead of Halloween

“There’s an element of the man cave but there are also a lot of serious movie props and collectors will want them as an investment.

“There’s a lot of Star Wars props, and there’s life-size Storm trooper outfit officially licensed by the company that provided them for the movie.

“They all have the certificates and documents.”

Alongside the ET and Ewok figures, the lot features a number of cars – including one that has starred on the big screen.

Image caption Stop right there! Fancy Ironman or a Terminator in your front room?

“We’ve a lot of classic cars, including a 1958 BMW hot rod fetching in the region of £20,000,” said Mr Larkin.

“There’s a 25th anniversary Lamborghini kit car, and although people may think it’s just a kit car, they change hands at around $25,000.

“We’ve got the most interest so far in the Back to the Future car.

It was used by Biff in the film, and he famously had hover-boards attached to the back of it. It last changed hands for $25,000.”

“You could buy this, put it on eBay and make a handsome profit.”

Image caption The Ratmobile, one for the 80s kids

Those looking to relive some childhood memories need look no further than Roland Rat’s car.

Others seeking the more mature motor can avail of a modified mini which has its very own inbuilt bar in the boot.

Image caption Take long trips in style in this classy modified mini

But for some, the collectibles are just that – items for film buffs to keep in their house as a memento of their favourite film.

Mr Larkin said: “We’ve already had interest from hotels bars and restaurants and private companies, but I think the sharp end of the bidding will be the global clientele.

“All of the money we raise goes back into the court and the public purse as part of the wider proceeds of crime case. We’re going to enjoy the fun of the fair but we have serious job to do.”

Image caption ‘Zebra three, zebra three’ – a Starsky and Hutch replica car is up for grabs

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