HBO Cuts Louis C.K. From ‘Night of Too Many Stars’ Special

Though he apologized for his one time comment to me, I will no longer casually call Louie a friend. I can’t support what I now KNOW are his contributions to the power dynamic in this business.

i guess nothing will ever surprise me again
regarding men
Louis C.K. –

Gentlemen, comedy is often inappropriate. It is sometimes daring and audacious and shocking. But our behavior, in the real world, toward women – that doesn’t get a pass on inappropriate.

Misogyny is a cancer. Harassment and abuse are that cancer metastasizing and going untreated. Stories like this being reported and printed are the first steps toward a cure.

I don’t remember when I heard the rumors about him. But I’m sure it was before the last time he was on Parks and Rec. And that sucks. And I’m sorry.

For everybody asking, I know and like Louis C.K. I won’t defend him. This is inexcusable and he needs to address it.

I was waiting for this one.

I’ve been hearing things for the past few years. Some of these were surprising — I somehow didn’t know about Spacey until like a month ago. This one was not.

I was vilified when I agreed/called out, along w/other’s that someone more famous & powerful was “parallel thinking” jokes.I was threatened,bullied & banned. Im glad now,the world is believing ppl over something MUCH MORE important. Sending you love & strength @TheRebeccaCorry .

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