Here’s what fans have to say about Dale Jr. the broadcaster

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is in the NBC Sports booth with Rick Allen, Jeff Burton and Steve Letarte, his former crew chief. 

Oh, Dale Earnhardt Jr., there’s nothing to be worried about.

Earnhardt is known to be a little self-conscious and desperately wants to do well in his new role as a television broadcaster.

So his response on Twitter was no surprise when he saw this reporter tweet about a fan poll on how he’s doing thus far:

It also was no surprise that NASCAR fans had mixed opinions. (Hint, they do for all announcers.) Here’s a sampling:

But Earnhardt should be pretty pleased with the results of the poll. As of Tuesday at 7 a.m. ET, the poll results showed:

How would you rate Dale Earnhardt Jr. as a broadcaster?

(29,804 votes)

A future John Madden/Dick Vitale in the making: 65 percent

Good but nothing special, like a one-win season: 29 percent

Park him. He’s just in the way: 6 percent

Are you watching races just to hear Dale Jr.?

(24,088 votes)

He keeps me tuned in when I start to lose interest: 54 percent

Dale Yeah!: 34 percent

I turn off the TV sound and put on the radio broadcast: 12 percent

How would you rank “slide job” euphoria:

(22,663 votes)

Awesome. I want a T-shirt: 48 percent

Meh. He didn’t develop the term: 29 percent

I didn’t know the term until he said it, but it’s cool: 23 percent

Where is the best place for Dale Jr. during the telecast?

(23,235 votes)

The main booth: 54 percent

The secondary booth with Steve Letarte or Jeff Burton: 26 percent

The pit box with Letarte: 11 percent

At a remote location around the track: 9 percent

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