Illegal puppy trade surges in Kent ready for Christmas

Chow Chow puppies are one of the popular breeds being smuggled inImage copyright Dogs trust
Image caption Chow Chow puppies are one of the popular breeds being smuggled in

Record numbers of illegal puppies are being smuggled across the Channel into Kent ready for the “Christmas trade”.

In three undercover operations the Dogs Trust seized 100 young dogs in just one week from Folkestone and Dover ports.

But the UK’s largest dog welfare charity said the clampdown was “just the tip of the iceberg”, and feared people looking for a cheap puppy would fuel the illegal trade.

The pups are found in “shocking conditions”, with severe health issues.

Image caption Illegally imported puppies are often sick or have been mistreated

The Dogs Trust said it had come across seven Cane Corso pups with infected wounds after their ears and tails were cropped and docked, apparently using scissors and vodka.

According to the trust, high demand for “trendy” breeds such as French bulldogs, English bulldogs, Chow Chows and Daschunds helped to fuel the “sickening trade”, which can net bootleg breeders tens of thousands of pounds.

Dogs Trust veterinary director Paula Boyden said: “Buying an illegally imported puppy could potentially cost well-meaning but unsuspecting families thousands of pounds in quarantine and vet bills and emotional heartache for the family if the puppy falls ill or worse, dies.

“We continue to be astounded at the lengths these deceptive breeders and dealers will go to.”

In 2016 officials found 688 “illegally landed” dogs, more than treble the recorded number in 2014.

Avoid purchasing illegal pups:

  • Ask to see the mother and pup together
  • Visit the new pup, at its home, more than once and get paperwork before taking it home
  • Take new puppies for a veterinary health check immediately
  • Do not buy from anyone who can supply various breeds on demand
  • Do not to buy a puppy that looks underweight, or feel pressured into buying

Image caption Puppies found stowing in the back of a van during an undercover operation

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