Lowe: Ten things I like and don’t like, including Giannis ruling the game

And we’re back!

Let’s bounce around the league for the first time this season.

10 things I like and don’t like

1. I, for one, welcome our new Giannis overlord

Holy god. What are you even supposed to do with this guy? Play off of him, and he uses the open space as a runway. If Giannis Antetokounmpo is barreling at a flat-footed defender in the paint, it’s over. Your natural instinct — the only thing you can do, really — is to backpedal, and most defenders open their hips in one direction as they do. That gives Antetokounmpo a straight line to paydirt.

Somehow hold your ground, and Antetokounmpo buries his head in your chest, tips you off-balance, reaches up, and lays the ball in over your head.

Press him, and he zips around you. He doesn’t even need to blow past you; if he just gets side-by-side, he reaches his arm to a spot you can’t, and flicks the ball up.

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