Marbury, Fredette scuffle during game in China

Ex-NBA players Stephon Marbury and Jimmer Fredette got into a scuffle Friday during a close-fought Chinese Basketball Association game in Shanghai.

The incident occurred in late third quarter fast break when Fredette, playing for the hosting Shanghai Sharks, was stopped by Marbury, who is on the opposing Beikong Fly Dragons squad. While no foul was called, Fredette, visibly frustrated, pushed Marbury, who immediately retaliated. The two got into a quick squabble before getting separated by teammates and referees. It wasn’t clear what was said during the confrontation.

Speaking to ESPN after the game, Marbury, a 13-year NBA veteran, insisted it was a clean steal on Fredette, who had a less-than-successful stint in the league.

“Haha, he forgot what an NBA steal felt like. That’s how we played in ’96 and for sure in Coney Island.”

Fredette had no immediate comment on the incident after the game.

Both are natives of New York state and played for the New York Knicks during their careers.

Marbury, arguably the most successful foreign basketball players in China so far, wanted Jimmer — the league’s international MVP last season and is nicknamed “The Lonely God” — to know that the 40-year-old can still play.

With the CBA league enforcing stricter rules for in-game confrontations, Marbury said he would rather leave everything on the court.

“Getting suspended for the season wasn’t worth letting him feel the real power, so I settled with a hug and a ‘good game’ after the game. All is well, I’ll see them in Beijing.”

However, Fredette ended up dominating the game, having 54 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists, leading Shanghai to beat Beikong 123-119 in overtime. Marbury had four points, six rebounds and four assists.

Marbury joined Beikong this summer after failing to re-negotiate his contract with the Beijing Ducks, where he won three championships in four years. Fredette returned to Shanghai this season after having a successful last year in China.

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