Newspaper headlines: Prisoners ‘gain vote’ and hospitals ‘safety crisis’

Khadija Sonko

Image caption The Sunday Telegraph reports on a warning from NHS medical director Prof Sir Bruce Keogh that hospitals are failing to tackle “significant safety problems” that can cause death or disability.
Image caption The Sunday Times says some prisoners sentenced to less than a year could be allowed to go home in order to vote, under new government plans. The paper also reports that a group of female BBC broadcasters have uncovered suspected cases of sexual harassment and says one male presenter has been suspended.
Image caption The Observer reports that senior Tory donors have urged Theresa May to walk away from Brexit talks rather than accept an “unsatisfactory and unfavourable” deal.
Image caption The Sunday Mirror reports that a memory stick holding Heathrow security information had been found in the street.
Image caption The Sunday Express says “mounting tensions” are keeping British tourists away from the Catalonia region of Spain, amid the crisis there.
Image caption The Mail on Sunday reports on allegations that International Trade Minister Mark Garnier called Commons secretary Caroline Edmondson a sexist name and asked her to buy sex toys. Mr Garnier confirmed the claims to the paper but said the comment was part of an “amusing conversation” and asking her to buy sex toys was “good humoured high jinks”.
Image caption The Daily Star Sunday reports that IS extremists have made threats to Prince George.

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