Newspaper headlines: ‘Spain on the brink’ and JFK files


Image caption The Daily Telegraph says the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, is warning that the EU does not need “more cracks” in light of the Catalonia crisis. His comments come after Catalonia declared independence and the Spanish government began imposing direct rule.
Image caption The Daily Express reports that the EU has “plunged into crisis” as Spain “faces breaking apart”.
Image caption The Times also reports on the crisis in Spain, saying that the Spanish government is preparing to charge Catalonia’s leaders with rebellion.
Image caption The i says police are ready to intervene after Catalans declared independence.
Image caption The Financial Times has more on Spain’s move to sack Catalonia’s regional government.
Image caption The Daily Mail reports on claims that nine British servicemen have been taken off a nuclear submarine, after testing positive for cocaine while on duty. The paper also reports that the second-in-command was removed amid claims of an extra-marital affair with a female engineering officer.
Image caption The Daily Mirror reports on the release of newly-declassified files related to the assassination of JFK.

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