Saturday Best: Behold, the Turnover Plank

We’re getting down to the regular-season wire, and some of the best games of the year will be played today. Check back here often for best stuff from Week 11.

Behold, the Turnover Plank

Miami can have its Turnover Chain, Kennesaw State has the Turnover Plank. It’s literally a piece of wood that made its debut a few weeks ago.

According to Owls’ officials, the plank is inspired by the cartoon “Ed, Edd N Eddy.”

Are you there, Nick? It’s me, oatmeal

Alabama coach Nick Saban’s favorite snack is an oatmeal cream pie, so Strange Brew coffee in Starkville, Mississippi is trying to draw Saban in with their house made oatmeal cream pies in hopes of distracting Saban from today’s game.

Tom VanHaaren, ESPN Staff Writer


Keep your pets chained up

… turnover chained, that is.

Was that on the registry?

Scott Frost and his wife, Ashley, welcomed a son into the world Thursday.

Smells like upsets …

Upsets brewing today? The top three teams in the CFP rankings are all on the road vs ranked teams. FPI says there’s a 25% chance the top three teams all win.

ESPN Stats and Information

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