‘Saturday Night Live’ Takes Aim at Al Franken, an ‘S.N.L.’ Alumnus

Mr. Che continued:

But Franken is a liberal and Trump and Moore are conservatives. And in this country, everybody has to pick a side. Except for me — I think they’re all bitches. I don’t even know what side I would be on if I had to pick. I mean, maybe I’m a liberal because I do live in a gay neighborhood. But then, maybe I’m conservative because I never want to live in a black neighborhood again. Also, why are Republicans trying so hard to protect Roy Moore from this case? It’s not like he wrote the remix to “Ignition.”

Cold Open of the Week

Video by Saturday Night Live

Playing off the recent news that Donald Trump Jr. had exchanged several private online messages with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign, “S.N.L.” opened with a sketch that imagined Mr. Trump (played by the cast member Mikey Day) meeting the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (Kate McKinnon) in a shadowy parking garage underneath the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. Though Ms. McKinnon attempts to pass hacked emails to Mr. Day, their exchange is thrown into chaos by the unexpected intrusion of Eric Trump (Alex Moffat). “Eric’s wife had to work so I have him for the day,” Mr. Day sheepishly explains.

When Mr. Moffat observes that Ms. McKinnon “looks like Draco Malfoy,” Mr. Day corrects him: “That was rude,” he says. “What did we say about making fun of people’s appearances, bud?”

A chastened Mr. Moffat answers, “That’s Dad’s thing?” Eventually they persuade Ms. McKinnon to share her ill-gotten intelligence, which they keep safe in a Minions backpack that, Mr. Day says, “never leaves Eric’s side.”

R&B Video of the Week

Video by Saturday Night Live

As a soul trio in the style of Boyz II Men, Chance the Rapper and the cast members Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd performed a slow jam that started off in traditional romantic fashion:

This time of year, I get thankful, baby, thankful for you/But now you’re gone, and I don’t know what to do /You were so intelligent, you were so strong, I waited my whole life for you, so damn long/And now I see you moving on, and I’m begging from my heart/And every night, I turn the TV on and cry/I say why, I feel like we’re all gonna die

The camera turned to show that Mr. Redd was poring over a picture of former President Barack Obama as the group continued to sing:

So come back Barack/Even though it’s not allowed

In a spoken-word aside, Mr. Thompson asked:

Why would you leave us? Oh, because you had to? Because of the Constitution? But you can come back, right? Oh, you can’t? Because that would undermine the very institutions that we’re barely holding onto as it is? I see.

‘Weekend Update’ Deskside Bit of the Week

Video by Saturday Night Live

Pete Davidson gave a stellar riff on Staten Island that will probably get him thrown out of that borough for good. But we’ll give the edge this week to a return appearance by Ms. McKinnon as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who, when he testified before the House Judiciary Committee this past week, was uneven in his recall of the Trump campaign’s past contacts with Russia.

Ms. McKinnon began by leading the “S.N.L.” studio audience in a call-and-response chant: “When I say, ‘I do not,’ you say, ‘recall,’” she instructed.

When Mr. Jost asked her if she really did not remember discussing Russia with the campaign aide George Papadopoulos, Ms. McKinnon answered, “Well, you know, Colin, I’ve had some memory problems stemming from a childhood trauma.” Asked what it was, she said, “The passing of the Civil Rights Act.”

Mr. Jost said he had some additional questions for Ms. McKinnon and inquired if she would answer them truthfully.

She replied: “Yeb.”

“Did you just say yeb?” he asked.

“Nobe,” came the answer.

“Did you meet with any Trump surrogates about Russia?”

Ms. McKinnon answered shakily, “I do not recall.” Then, speaking directly to the camera in a more conspiratorial tone, she added, “You know I recall.”

“Did you remember Mr. Papadopoulos mentioning the Russian government?”

She replied, “I do not remember him talking about Russia.” Then, again to the camera, “I remember everything.”

Ms. McKinnon wrapped up the segment by saying, “And in collusion, Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!”

And a happy Thanksgiving to you, too.

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