Star Trek: Discovery: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 1, Episode 7: Party Time

Reverend Hughes with Nkansa and Kinkasa; an illustration of the Institute in its heyday

This was also the episode that gave Sonequa Martin-Green the most to explore in Burnham. She is finally seen examining the parts of herself that aren’t dreary. Burnham is dancing! She has a crush on Tyler!

I’ve always been hopeful about Shazad Latif’s casting as Tyler. He is charismatic, a direct contrast to Burnham. Healthy romances bring out the best in each other, so perhaps Tyler can be a vehicle for Ms. Martin-Green to continue to expand her character.

We should pause and address the hot fan theory going around the Internet.

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I’m not sure I buy the theory that Tyler is a Klingon spy or our old friend Voq, because it would allow the Klingons a level of sophistication that thus far has not existed. This theory stems from a couple pieces of evidence in the show so far: that Lorca rescued Tyler from the Klingon ship, even though it wasn’t 100 percent clear that Mudd was the one selling them out and that Tyler had been kept alive on this ship longer than a typical prisoner would have. Lorca, not Starfleet, conducts a background check on Tyler. And then there’s the question of Voq’s whereabouts. He was last seen perusing through a Federation ship for its secrets. If Tyler is indeed Voq, it will feel a bit cheap to me.

This marks the end of the fan theory section.

What worked

1. Stamets as Bill Murray

Anthony Rapp seems to have found the middle ground between Mean Stamets and Mycelium-High Stamets. I especially found him charming in predicting what Burnham was going to say after numerous time loops. All we needed was Stamets was to say to Burnham, “I’m a God! I’m a God. I’m not THE God, I don’t think.”

‘Groundhog Day’ “I’m a god” scene Video by Geoff Krall

What didn’t work

1. Why are we partying?!

When we last left off, Admiral Cornwell (the subject of another fan theory!), was captured by the Klingons. The Discovery is still the only ship that can travel anywhere in the galaxy at a moment’s notice. This doesn’t seem to be an ideal time to throw a party. Also, there is no mention of Cornwell the entire episode, so there’s that.

2. Burnham’s secret

Really? Burnham never having been in love is the deep secret she passed on to Stamets? Even I knew that. She’s a human that was raised on Vulcan, where suppressing emotions is a foundational part of living there. I would have found it strange for her to have been in love, frankly. A better secret would have been: “When I committed mutiny, I enjoyed it,” or “I would’ve rather joined a Gin Blossoms tribute band instead of Starfleet.”

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